Joker Movie 2019 — Joaquin Phoenix
Joker Movie 2019 — Joaquin Phoenix

Warner Bros. latest Joker, takes a conscious step away from the stylized trappings of past Gothams, delivering a raw vision of an urban squalor recalling New York from decades past. The protagonist, played by Joaquin Phoenix is a product of these surroundings. The odyssey that transforms him from Arthur Fleck to a clown-faced menace points to how this film is more of a character study than the traditional comic book blockbuster.

On this project, Director Todd Phillips employed many of his past collaborators, including film editor Jeff Groth, who worked on series such as Community and Entourage and later joined…

Beyond being a killer editor, Dana Shaw is a wise man. He’s cut projects for about every high-end, respectable brands you can name-drop (Google, Apple, Patagonia, YETI, Nike, etc.) but he doesn’t take them on without intentionality. In fact, every aspect of his career at this point is meant to build a holistic picture of creativity:

“Editing doesn’t get turned off. Any kind of creative work, music-making, art-making, it’s all mystical magic,” he told us. “It’s something in the sky that we see and feel and we pull it out and put it on an editing table. …

Innovative film editor Lucas J. Harger approach to his work is about as far from clock-punching as can be imagined, and hearing him speak of process evokes thoughts of ‘The Method’ school of acting, but applied to post work. An Emmy winner for NBCSN’s hockey special The Road through Warroad, Harger has cut a variety of projects in recent years, ranging from commercial and promo work for Microsoft, Amazon and Anheiser-Busch to the proof-of-concept film The Heights and the wrenching short Sleep Well, My Baby.

A great story can light a fire inside of a filmmaker, but what can you do when the story doesn’t belong to you? Some of the most prolific adaptations of all time — from Georges Méliès’ Cinderella short in 1899, to Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name (2017) — required some sort of agreement between the authors who penned the stories and the filmmakers who brought them to life. Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to turning stories into cinematic works, the best ones aren’t reserved solely for filmmakers backed by big-budget studios. …

Film editors are like soccer goalies: They’re playing the same game as everybody else, but with a different set of rules. While most of filmmaking is highly collaborative, the editor often works alone. While most of filmmaking is about accumulating material, the editor’s job is to cut away as much material as possible, to find the form hidden in the mass. In many ways, they’re working in the opposite direction as everyone else, but toward the same goal: telling a great story, making a great film.

In the book The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film, novelist…


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