Clarifying Intention & Redefining Commitment (May ‘16)

Filomena Mairosse
Jun 1, 2016 · 3 min read

Sometimes you realize your focus has been in the wrong place all along.

It seems like after the initial boost things just slowed down to an unbearable speed. At the same time, it seems I’ve been more committed to writing these monthly reviews than to actually working on the business and that says my focus needs to be adjusted.

We’ve gone through quite a few changes from our original course of action already, many of them due to falling into the trap of making decisions while high on the adrenaline rush from an idea we’re passionate about. A lot more of those changes are coming, some drastic, some not so much but instead of going into a state of panic I got to the realization that the real issue that’s causing the slowness and this ‘simulation of a storm’ we’re having is mainly the fact that the intention wasn’t clearly defined and also coming to terms with the fact that I wasn’t committing to the work like I should.

You can’t be a part-time entrepreneur. Not in the sense of running a part-time business along with your 9–5, but more in the sense that when you decide to do this, it has to be a life long commitment. It’s not something you turn on and off at your liking. Once you decide to start, you have to be fully in it or else there’s no point in doing it at all and that’s where I was failing.

The first thing that seemed to need adjusting was having a clear enough intention as to what this project is and not so much a focus on what we hope it will become which is what we were doing. It might not seem like it’s a big difference but to me it really struck cord. Focusing on the present, on what is and not on what we intend it to be put a lot of things into perspective and immediately helped me identify things we could be doing right now to get it moving a bit faster and closer to the pace we hoped for. Speak about your idea in the present tense.

The second thing was understanding that when you’re a ‘Jack of all trades’, the only way you’ll be successful at any of the things you attempt to do is if you are meticulous in how you allocate your time and painstakingly strict with yourself about keeping those time commitments. “I’ll do it later” just doesn’t cut it and it took me a little while to see that. It’s very easy for me to prioritize the things I already have going, the things I’m already seeing results in (like writing) than it is to sit down and work on improving the skills I’m not quite as strong at like the many different components we need to take this project off the ground. The risk of over-committing, which I’m working very hard at managing, is also a personal struggle. So the solution I’m implementing is, as I did with writing, blocking off a time slot everyday to work solely on developing, debugging and growing this idea. Everyday, at the exact same time, I will sit at my desk and focus only on this project. For some of you this might seem like a given but for me, putting this is writing makes it sort of a formal contract with myself and it helps me commit to the process.

Hopefully, making the commitment to follow these two simple steps (talking about the project in the present tense and blocking off a chunk of time to work on it everyday) will get us going at a faster pace and we’ll have some more concrete updates next time.

The mental struggles and personal growth are just as much a part of the process as all the technical things anyway so we’re rolling with the punches and just making sure that the movement is always forward.

Filomena Mairosse

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Writer. Branding, marketing and entrepreneurship enthusiast documenting her own startup journey.

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