Excitement, Fear & Anxiety (March ‘16)

Filomena Mairosse
Mar 31, 2016 · 4 min read

Great ideas are worth nothing until acted upon.

I had an idea I started working on around this time last year and it was surprisingly well received but what good is a great idea when your full focus isn’t on it? When you’re not ready to commit to it fully and execute it with the precision it calls for?

2016 had an undeniable air of magic to it right from the start and it seems to be a general consensus among most of my peers that “things are happening”, whatever those “things” are. March quickly showed itself to be a deciding time for me and all my business aspirations as I felt more convicted than ever that I was ready to take on the responsibility of applying massive action towards creating an alternative life for myself (mostly guided by the reality of my decision of taking a detour on my education process starting to sink in and the need to make major adjustments to sustain somewhat of an independent life). Enter the business partner.

Planetary resonance is an incredible thing. I think most entrepreneurs have encountered at one point or another a situation in which they decide to take action despite not knowing exactly how to make an idea work and miraculously, the people and resources needed to make it happen just start to appear out of nowhere.

We had been roommates during our first year studying abroad, having come from the same highschool (and a brief stint at university) just months prior. We got to know each other extremely well during that year and managed to work with such synergy in dividing up chores for the house and budgeting for food and rehearsing dance steps for the upcoming Hip Hop Hijack party that an equally functional business partnership actually made a lot of sense.

She came to me with an idea to create a project, very similar to the idea I had started to develop the previous year. We have very similar ideologies and views on the subject at hand and a very rare, equally matched desire to make an impact on the world so we decided to meet regularly and start developing it.

None of us has any idea of how to make it happen (much less make it work) but we pieced together all the tiny bits of knowledge we each have and came up with an idea: and educational company.

The initial excitement is a wonderful feeling. Possibilities are infinite and your abilities seem to be more than enough to conquer each and every possible roadblock. It also helps that you both strongly believe in the idea and it’s power to impact your corner of the world tremendously and subsequently the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, the more you dig into the details the more evident the limitations of your skills, lack of funds and other factors seem to get. It’s extremely easy to fall into the endless pit of worrying and self loathing and dismissing your perceived moments of genius as deluded spurts of wishful thinking and in times past I would have definitely given up.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the case this time. Yes, I doubted every single aspect of the idea and our ability to execute it and I still do from time to time, but I’m presently in a position where I’m able to not let it build up to the point of defeat. Having someone else who believes in the same vision as you is surely a contributing factor and when you commit to looking at your life as a series of experiments and not as a singular block of either success or failure I guess your perspective about the possibilities of success just broaden.

I had a couple of conversations recently about people’s reactions to entrepreneurship vs. getting a traditional job where we’re from and although the scenario seems to be changing with a lot of conversations about building your own business and entrepreneurship happening, the narrative still remains quite unfavorable for those who wish to set out on their own. The idea of safety and job security still prevails, even at a time like the present, when university degrees don’t seem to get you anything near what our parents experienced when transitioning from students to working professionals.

Alas, we move forward. Latching only to a shared vision and our commitment to exercise as much massive action as we both possibly can to bring it to fruition and profitability and challenge the standing perceptions of what’s possible not only for us but for future generations as well.

2016 is the year we take the leap.

Welcome to the Startup Journals.

Filomena Mairosse

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Writer. Branding, marketing and entrepreneurship enthusiast documenting her own startup journey.

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