Life is Always a Shareholder (April ‘16)

Life is shareholder I did not acknowledge and she certainly made herself known this month. This is what I didn’t understand about entrepreneurship. You keep waiting to reach a point where your other life musings settle down and allow you to focus on your business but they never do and they never will.

Nothing got done this month. I wish this was a joke or an overachiever’s exaggerated perception but absolutely nothing got done. And there aren’t any excuses either. With anything in life you either do it or you don’t. All of the cards may be stacked against you but there have always been people who made significantly more things happen with significantly less resources than you. They always found a way because they understood that life stops for no man.

This was certainly a lesson I did not expect to learn and I’m doing my best not to focus on the price I paid for it. Time is a non-renewable asset and wasting more time focusing on the time that has been wasted only perpetuates the cycle of waste. Life will always pull you in a myriad of directions and your job is to learn how to work with the pull, not fight it.

The mission now is to guarantee that the product is still released on schedule and with enough quality to produce the impact we desire, even if said quality level isn’t what we had hoped for. Postponing is not an option and this might not be the best course of action for every entrepreneur or every business but knowing myself, further delays are more likely to fuel another cycle of inactivity. This is precisely the reason why it took a full year to get back to developing the idea and as much as I’m thankful for the clarity of mind about the project that I have now in comparison to last year, the momentum I lost, the interest that had been generated a year ago, those are things that can’t be regained. Having learned from that experience I’d rather put out a product I’m not fully satisfied with but keep it on schedule than to lose momentum.

Life is always a shareholder and you either work with her or get nothing done. The choice is yours.

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