How to post on Facebook using multiple languages (tip: not in the same post!)

Dealing with lots of Facebook contacts from different countries worldwide, there are two habits that annoy me a little bit:

  • when someone writes the same post in two languages
  • when someone writes in his/her own language (that I don’t understand)
  • when someone writes about things (very local) that I won’t understand and not in my language or in english

The solution is very simple: use lists! Lists allow you to categorize your friends and whenever you are posting something, you can choose the audience of your post.

I have lots of lists, here are the most important ones:

  • Friends: all friends, including acquaintances
  • Public: everyone
  • Acquaintances: people I don’t know very well and who can’t see lots of things in my profile
  • Friends except acquaintances: the first minus the third list
  • Italy: only people from Italy
  • Sardinia: only people from my region, Sardinia
  • Not Italian: all my friends who are NOT italian

Your friends can belong to multiple lists of course, it’s all about taking two seconds to categorize your new friends. For example, a local friend from Sardinia will belong to Friends, Italy and Sardinia. On the other hand, a friend from Milan will belong to Friends and Italy only.

So, let’s say I am posting something in italian and related to something that makes sense for italians only (example a comment on a local tv show or to some political stuff etc.). For sure, I will choose the list “Italy” and only those belonging to that list will see my post.

Selecting the list “Italy”

What does it mean? That my friends in US will not be bothered by a message in a language they can’t understand and about a topic that is not relevant for them. They won’t see my message at all and the level of “noise” (already very high on Facebook) will be minimized.

So, are you using lists? Are you going to use lists? Taking the time to categorize your friends is essential if you want to make sure to get the most out of Facebook.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!