What is the Filter Free Campaign?

The #FilterFree Campaign is a much needed one. Today, social media is more popular than ever. Along with its popularity comes social pressure to look a certain way. With the option to edit and alter photos on apps such as Instagram and Snapchat teens and young adults, both men and women, are continually altering their images to try and look “better” than they already do. These pressures come from attempts to gain the high-profile looks of celebrities which isn’t a productive way to build self-esteem. Our campaign will spread awareness on the idea to be content with yourselves and be happy with the way you are. Filters can be fun, but as technology advances you can make yourself go from looking 200Ibs to 150Ibs in the matter of seconds. This campaign is needed because during a time where body shaming is becoming a recurring subject of discussion both online via cyber-bullying and in schools around the nation, it’s time for people to realize that their words can affect people. This campaign will also focus on teaching both teens and adults that although there’s a certain body-type heavily portrayed on the Internet, they should be proud of their own bodies without the use of applications on their phones. You don’t have to alter your own image to appease society. Many high schools around the world have had to deal with the issues of bullying and harassment both in class and online, most of these situations have to do with image. In this age of technology, there are more platforms than ever for this bad behavior to occur. We hope to put a positive message out there. Use social media all you want, but don’t try to appease someone else. Post pictures that you like of yourself, without a filter. You are beautiful or handsome just as you are.

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