Deepest Bliss

Jun 15 · 1 min read
Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash

My quest is relentless

In finding deepest bliss

I want a piece of paradise

Adventure, excitement, joy

Dare I risk my present existence?

For something totally new

More meaningful and fulfilling

Breaking free

Learning to let go

Embracing another level

To my present view

Choices, challenges, comfort zones

Time, energy, money

Are vital to my decisions

Each one with its level of importance

My internal compass oscillates

Wanting me incessantly

To venture down paths unknown

Providing an unlimited potential to self-evolve

Dare I take that leap of faith?

Or let life drift as it currently is?

I stand in my transition phase

Walking down an unfamiliar path

Into a higher frequency of choice

My soul is fully aligned

Allowing it into my reality

Through raw open hearted receptivity

Filza Chaudhry 2019 ©


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Writer, Poet, Creative Visionary — I am an awakened soul on my spiritual journey connecting with my higher self and conversing through my poetry.