Soul Lessons

Jul 1 · 1 min read
Photo by Gabriel Barletta on Unsplash

You are here as a soul

Embodied in a human form

Learning wisdom to ascend

Residing in the third dimension

Positivity is your power

Evolve to higher dimensions

Your true nature is love

Kindness, harmony, connection

Be the beacon of hope

Extinguish the flame of negativity

Raise awareness and consciousness

Raise the frequency of your vibration

Let the light force within

Burst forth and succeed

There are twelve dimensions

We are ascending into the fifth

The twelfth is God

The Supreme Being

Collectively we can co-create

A beautiful Mother Earth

Restored back to its full glory

Truth will set you free

Love paves the way

Humanity must comprehend this

Filza Chaudhry 2019 ©


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Writer, Poet, Creative Visionary — I am an awakened soul on my spiritual journey connecting with my higher self and conversing through my poetry.