I Didn’t Get Hired.
Googley as Heck

To Google as to most other companies people are not exactly that — not people but rather resources, assets. And their HR policies are tailored to maximize the ROI.

Correct me if I am wrong but you’re not a recent graduate who while very talented and has plenty to show for still has a long resource life ahead of him and is not expecting high monetary compensation at this point and is ready to put out a lot of effort and extra hours only for the privilege to be called Google employee. That’s a perfect investment with a very good ROI ratio off the bet and in the long run.

At the same time you are not a unique experienced specialist in any of the high demand / low supply areas. That would be a good investment with less directly traceable impact on ROI yet still a logical one.

Yes you’re experienced, yes you probably are good, but neither a recent grad nor a unique spec (or you failed to demonstrate that). Thus not a good investment.