Review of my 2015 Predictions

Prediction 1: Aussie real estate goes up — this was my investment of the year and that worked out well. My one caveat was this is not a time to flip but instead to take advantage of low long term rates and lock in your loan for as long as possible.

Prediction 2: China gets Messy… ahh yep. Interesting enough for 2016 I’ve predicted China turns itself around —

Prediction 3: India becomes the focus after China… ummm nope and I gotta say looking back that was not a good call. I thought Modi would really step things up. I’m not so sure about India long term now.

Prediction 4: Australian stock market suffers — yep — easy call too.

Prediction 5: The US is the place to invest — yep and they look good again dependent on if and by how much the Fed starts raising rates.

Prediction 6: Europe gets Messy (yes) with Greece turning our worse than expected (nope). Well I must say the problem here is Europe has the added pressure of the refugee crisis for 2016 and Greece is not resolved. The problem with this is the question of Spain — will Spain and Greece work together in 2016 and who will side with who?

Prediction 7: Oil between $50 and $80 (wrong — $37). Then I said if stays below $80 Putin will get assaniated- “seems” I was wrong there- the Middle East becomes less politically important (I think so although the ramifications are in the news and on everyones lips) and smart investors avoid energy (yeah we saw what happened in Paris).

Bonus Prediction: I will finish my new book — nope — I finished my draft but I’m not in the mood to publish because… well now I’m working on a startup to take advantage what I learned.