Features of the UNC PMT Website

So I decided to take a somewhat different approach to what I initially had anticipated. Rather than walk through the journey of creating the website, I thought it would be interesting to describe the features of the website instead. That way club members would have a better understanding how some of the features, particularly the complex ones such as the dashboard, work and promote financial market understanding. As such, in order to achieve this goal, I had to complete the website beforehand. So I did. Hence this post. Onwards to the site.

Enter the new site. To the left, is the sitemap. Essentially, there are 5 sections (besides the home page): About, Dashboard, Research & Pitches, Resources, and Teams.

The homepage will consist of the latest entries regarding meeting schedules and attendance/voting poll links. So be sure to check here every meeting. The Dashboard is the real reason of the site’s existence. We’ll get into this in the next few blog posts. Research & Pitches houses the archive of all pitches both past and present. Be sure to check here before every meeting to download the pitch materials for that day and to access any prior materials. Resources is another important tab that I will get into in a future post. Finally, the teams tab displays sector assignments as well as info/contacts for the exec board.

My next post will begin the discussion about the Dashboard itself. Stay tuned…