Today, I’m extremely excited to launch Finagic. At Finagic, our mission is to give every investor (whether retail or professional), the insights needed to make sound financial decisions.

We use Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Big Data to give you insights into businesses so that you can decide whether you want to invest in that business or not. Think of us as your Due Diligence partner into a company.

Before investing in a company, if you’ve ever had questions such as — Is the CEO of this company a good CEO? Is the Industry this company in a good industry? What does the competition look like for this company? What sustainable competitive advantage does this business have? etc. etc. then you are not alone. Investors face this challenge everyday. I did too. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I decided to start Finagic. As a professional in the tech sector for many years, I’ve always wanted to invest my money into stocks, but I didn’t have the tools to do so. …



Finagic Uses Artificial Intelligence Driven Predictive Insights to Help Investors Make Smarter Investments in Companies. Get started at

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