Our Next Storyteller

We’re on a journey to find a world-class storyteller to join the Final5 gang.


We are Final5 — a family of storytellers who work with organizations to help them connect through story. We believe that storytelling has the potential to greatly influence organizations and communities— shaping culture, guiding work, and communicating impact. Humans have never been more connected to each other, and yet we’re all struggling to truly connect. To sift past the clutter and see and understand the truth in each other. That’s what Final 5 brings to our clients, the ability to open up and share what matters, allowing people with similar values and beliefs to join their community.

While our roots lie in video production, Final5 has grown over the years to understand that story can take many forms. It can show up as a mini-documentary, a printed publication, a series of photo vignettes, an employee handbook, an immersive virtual reality experience, or a physical space. All of these outputs stem from a foundational narrative that is rooted in an organization’s “truth.” We work to help organizations identify that truth, and share it with the world in the most powerful way possible.

Storyteller — Responsibilities

As we grow, we are looking for a storyteller to join our team and help us spearhead this work — someone who is excited to help us find, create, and share great stories. Is it you? Here are some of the details…

1. Seeing stories

You see opportunity for Story in the world around you. You are passionate about identifying where story exists and helping others to do the same.

On a day to day this involves — working with client’s to understand their needs, identifying impactful stories in an organization’s work, and articulating how these stories can help them connect with their audience.

2. Finding stories

You are dedicated to digging beneath the surface and searching for the emotional moments in a narrative. This involves making people feel comfortable so that they open up quickly, understanding how to ask the right questions, pulling on relevant threads in the midst of interviews, and uncovering emotion in unlikely places.

On a day to day this involves — running client meetings, creating storyboards, building interview guides, setting the table for interviews, and interviewing folks for the stories you’re building.

3. Building stories

You have a deep confidence & ability to craft emotional & compelling narratives. You find energy in wrestling with pieces of a story — pulling it apart and putting it back together again in order to find the most compelling way way to tell a narrative.

On a day-to-day this involves — drafting creative briefs, building visual storyboards, writing and editing stories & working through changes with production teams.

4. Thought leadership

We are on a journey to create and communicate the value of Story to the world at large. There is a real need for organizations to understand and implement the tenets of story.

On a day-to-day this involves — helping to facilitate workshops, creating teaching materials, crafting stories to be published online, and breaking open new ways to understand Story and the impact it has on the world around us.


  • You are excited to help us grow as storytellers. You will be open to pushing our thinking and stretching us beyond our comfort zone.
  • You don’t take things at face value — you are constantly trying to understand the way things work & why.
  • You are practiced at reading and writing good stories.
  • You think and communicate in narrative anecdotes.