How Gen Z need to deal with Personal Branding

Even tough the ‘personal branding’ things is the one that me and My friend as Gen Z already get prepared to have branding that will help us on many aspects. It still challenging since we already have no idea about ourselves yet what we want to be?

Until my 3rd workshop in XL Future Leaders, I realized the personal branding isn’t about what we try to other see us but it’s the simple things that can start from our habit. My facilitator, Hana, told us when we want to start a presentation or asking question, we have to be confident on ourselves so we can build the branding to our surrondings. Personal branding is all about sharing, familiarizing, and seeking knowledge related to self-image.


Gen Z also need to deal with the development of social media that can bring them many oppotunities or just opening another door when we stuck in one door. These the perception usually come when we see other from social media:

When I meet new people, I will ask about their social media,

I sometimes judge people by their social media accounts

Sometimes I still feel confused to make the story that I have

From the statement above we know, the personal branding from social media also connected to Sociological Theories through dramaturgical perspective, it positioning personal branding as both a backstage activity (e.g., reflection, sense-making, etc.) and onstage performance (impression management, feedback-seeking, etc.) to influence the perceptions of others. Meyrowitz (1990) extended the dramaturgical theory into wider social and digital contexts. While Goffman’s work on self-presentation and social interactions is a predominant way to understand the activities around personal branding, it does not explain fully the interactions in the digital world, and it may overlook some ways to understand the outcomes of personal branding (Gorbatov, 2018)

So.. for me the personal branding is the ability to Highlight our competitive value and Effective to build a story because it help us to choose the advantages we want to communicate and not over-communicate our flaws.


Gorbatov, S., Khapova, S. N., & Lysova, E. I. (2018). Personal branding: Interdisciplinary systematic review and research agenda. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 2238.



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