(Dreaded) Question and Answers

Do you believe in questions that must not be asked, no matter what the circumstance maybe? Or some questions which are buried deep within your heart, troubling your mind, always on the tip of your tongue, with modesty holding you back, but under the influence of certain events you ask those questions anyway because if not now then it might be too late later on? 
Or is it in a fit of passion or friendliness that allows asking these questions?
Or is it not modesty but dread holding you back from knowing the answer?

The question maybe in any form but the answer will always be in the one you want to construe as opposed to what is really there. There are various factors which sway us and it is after coalesce of all these that we come to an answer.
Most of the times it is in a ratio of 7 to 3 however it can be the opposite as well, like everything there is always an exception.

So what is it that holds you back? All of the above is the answer for me. Different situations, different answers, different questions, makes sense no?

I believe that there is no such question that must not be asked, there just exist answers that must not be given, which in itself is an answer however I am not talking about what the answer maybe. The answer can be anything you want it to be, before it is given based on your speculations, when you have heard it on based on your feelings, and afterwards when your past joins with your present to become your future.

Ask the question that you want to ask, and know that you will get the answer. If it is modesty that holds you back then worry not, if it is friendship that holds your tongue then you are underestimating it, if it is dread then all the more reason the question must be asked the answer must be known, no matter how bitter it maybe, in the future it will be better all-around.

However it is still difficult, it is easy to say all of this but in practice it doesn’t happen so. There are a thousand different things that prevent us, and what it all boils down to is dread. Dread of the losing of a good friend, dread of an injured friendship, dread of losing your love, dread of being hated, dread of be rejected, dread of knowing that your worst fear is true after all.
Therefore ask for permission first. Deepen your trust. Break your current standing and start building it once more from scratchwith a stronger foundations this time.

I will start. Say, Areeb, can I ask you some questions? (I wonder when you will read this, two years? Three? Or never? Oh, well, I will just keeping on waiting)