Musings of an Erstwhile Republican about the 2016 Election and What Really Makes America Great
Jon Mott

You are rolling over brother. Just because the majority of the country has been raised as libs by our teachers and the media, does not mean their ideals are “right.” The US has always been the place everyone wants to come. Soon, that will no longer be true. History repeats itself and we are the Roman empire right before the collapse….fat, soft and lazy and no longer willing to do hard work and even die for our country. I do agree with you that the climate is ripe for a libertarian or independent candidate. This country is supposed to safeguard the rights of one person vs. the masses. Conservatives would die to protect that right. Libs want to eliminate it.

As for you now becoming a HC fan, you remind me of the guy who all of a sudden is a fan of a certain particular sports team once they win the championship, well he abandons his team of many years. Have some courage man. HC is an Ivy League educated, tough as nails, who ran off Bill’s gfs (while claiming to support women) and if you believe that she is innocent of all the allegations because she wasn’t prosecuted by the Obama admin., well them you are blind

Hope is fine, but only one group believes that the constitution protects everyone’s rights, not just those they deem “right.” Look at the 2nd, which The following founding fathers gave us, in large part, due to their belief that one day the citizens might have to resist our government’s Tyranny. You may wish to read up on that. The libs just scoff at the words of those who fought to form this country. Maybe in our lifetimes, it may come to that. I myself will laugh when all the poor libs finally realize that the people preaching “social and financial equity” by the government, are themselves millionaires who never practice what they preach. Don’t cave in.