Final Round: It’s THE Multi-Chain Launchpad for Gamers

In the last few years, we’ve seen an unprecedented expansion in the crypto world. Furthermore, we’ve seen breakthroughs in many new spaces, primarily in NFTs and Play-to-Earn (P2E) games.

2021 was an incredible year for these two, and although NFTs took more of the spotlight, P2E revolutionized an already established gaming industry, combining the fun of gaming with the opportunity to make money through in-game tokens and NFTs.

Final Round is the latest project from the team here at UniX Gaming. And it’s much more than just another Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad.

Final Round is multi-chain, powered by the UniX Gaming Guild and DAO, and it’s a cornerstone of a much larger ecosystem — the UniXverse.

For those who don’t know, UniX Gaming is the largest P2E gaming guild by community size, recently celebrating its latest milestone, 200K members and 5000+ scholars. In fact, UniX Gaming’s extraordinary growth is just one reason we’ve managed to secure partnerships with the likes of Crypto Banter, Colin Digits, and Paul Baron.

UniX Gaming is dedicated to furthering the evolution of gaming into Web 3.0. Founded by gamers and working alongside other gaming enthusiasts, companies, and esports players, the team at UniX always prioritizes the quality of the games and projects that they’re involved in. A further example of this would be the creation of their own game development studio, 1MHz Studios, that’s currently developing several of their own highly anticipated AAA games. When it comes to the commitment and quality of their projects, Final Round is no different.

Final Round means business

DAO Maker & SL2 Capital are partnering with UniX Gaming for Final Round

Partnering with some of the largest players in the space, Final Round allows the latest, most anticipated blockchain games a platform that connects them with an established community for crowdsourced funding, community building, and marketing.

It also provides the UniX community the opportunity to invest in these game’s tokens at a considerable discount before they get listed on central exchanges. Although our focus is on IGOs, Final Round has the ability to launch projects of all ranges, separate from GameFi, allowing us to support and launch any project we believe and find value in.

With all the plans and opportunities that Final Round has going for it, the launchpad adds considerable value and utility to the already established UniX token, benefiting the entirety of the UniX community that both hold and stake the coin. This is barely the start of what the UniX team has planned, and what assures to be a long and successful road for everyone involved.

With many exciting partnerships and future launches for the Final Round platform, we recommend staying as up-to-date as possible for all related announcements!

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