Lena Dunham is a Plague, but so is Liberal Racism
Hunter Saylor

“ But, he was still comfortable enough to say a word that doesn’t belong to him.”

Mr. Saylor, can you imagine for a second how bizarre it would be for every Person of Color in the US to be forced to call every White person Mr., Mrs., or Miss (as per gender and marital status). There would be no law saying they absolutely had to, but the social stigma of not doing so was so great they would risk loss of employment, not getting promoted, not getting a job at all ect. White people could call each other by their given name and PoC’s by their given name, or ‘boy’, or ‘girl’.

That would be verbal barbarism ~ the use of the English language to inflict cruelty upon others.

By claiming one group can use a word, a bit of slang, a means of address while others suffer extreme social stigma for using the same word is equally horrific … because it reinforces poisonous divisions between those groups. It allows the word to continue to be a tool of division and viciousness.

Sure, it was used IN THE PAST by White people to denigrate Black people. In the PAST. Today it has passed into common usage and the opportunity of the Black American community to, as one voice, request their fellow Americans put that word to rest … yet that certainly has not been the case.

The N-word, nigger, niggah, my niggah, nigga … they are words. They are words which I know are personally harmful. They are derogatory … or they used to be. Now they are key components of multi-million dollar songs, movie scripts and Prime Time TV shows. No one owns them and thanks to our shared multi-media culture, they ARE in COMMON USAGE. Try to shut the barn door if you wish, but it is already too late.

On the other hand, Lena Dunham really is a plague.

White feminism absolutely is a problem.

Thinking lecturing ‘down’ to those who aren’t as liberally progressive as yourself … why do you even think for a second your ‘life experiences’ have prepared you to ‘enlighten’ the rest of us on the proper use of the English language? Your arrogance incites contempt.

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