The more liberal writings I read lately, the more I think we’re going to hear the words “President…
Ryan Lankford


What? We haven’t loathed being ‘Whitie’ enough? Is that it? Is that why we are going to end up with 7 more years of President Trump? I think you may be on to something.

Honestly, it is one thing to confront a racist when they are talking about ‘killing all the Sand-ni**ers’, the ‘Elders of Zion’, or ‘Mud People’. It is quite another to constantly harangue a friend, or relative, for not agreeing with your endorsement of Critical Race Theory. If you want to ignore the ocean of wonderful things — while embracing the whole tide of bad things — White People have done over the centuries … and being proud of our overall track record — that’s on you. It is your OPINION based on what you value and what you opt to ignore.

You can be proud to be White and not be a racist. What would make you a racist would be to shroud yourself in the great things White People have done in the past and are doing today while ignoring all the great things people of other colors have done in the past and are also doing right now.

I’m proud to be White. I also think Australian Aboriginal art is pretty freaking cool. I greatly admire the Chinese glass bridge they built recently. Have you ever witnessed the grace and patience of how a Bushman hunts his prey? The duality of man Christians embrace today was, in fact, a Persian invention.

Five of the Seven Continents had primitive peoples building those spectacular pyramids. The under-achievers? Antarctica and … Europe. No people in Antarctica to build any and the penguins don’t have hand for the hand-tools.

In Europe they built in circles because, unlike the other cultures, Europe gets freaking cold then hot in seasonal cycles so determining the position of the Sun was very important to those early agrarian societies. Thus the preponderance of circle-ish ruins for us White Folks … instead of those huge, perfectly carved pyramid complexes and cities. Oh well. Whitie can’t win them all.

In parting …

Love thy neighbor … you could do worse than spreading a little community tranquility this season.

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