Finamatrix A.I. receives $100M investment commitment from Clean Mining group

Oct 11, 2017 · 4 min read

11 October 2017

  • Mining group commits $100M investment in Finamatrix AI for Blockchain project.
  • The groups are committed to long-term sustainable practices to deal head-on with climate change.
  • FIX/BTC triangular arbitrage AI trading strategy with physical Gold offers long-term buy-and-hold opportunity.

A mining group of companies has engaged and partnered the Singapore group, Finamatrix, an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist founded in 2006, for a blockchain and cryptocurrency project backed by real gold mining.

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Finamatrix owns proprietary Risk-Cybernetics technologies, integrated with Waves blockchain ( for secure and transparent decentralized ledgers, that optimize algorithms for financial markets to achieve financial objectives. The group utilizes an AI-driven selection process to invest in proven performances of funds, trading strategies in foreign exchange, gold, ETFs, etc. while providing easy access to buyers through the FIX token, a 100% refund policy (principal-protected / capital-guaranteed) instrument (at ICO prices from Finamatrix) with no minimum investment. The FIX token is publicly traded as FIX/BTC, FIX/USD, FIX/EUR (and other currencies once there is a sufficient market) on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) here which is a long-term buy-and-hold opportunity.

FIX/BTC Buy-and-Hold Opportunity

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The mining group of companies possesses expertise in mining and project financing. The two groups have come together for the synergistic development of a road map for responsible and sustainable economic growth.

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“A major opportunity has presented itself and our teams are gearing up to tap into the vast resources of these newly developed regions, which are very compelling over the next 5 years and beyond. We believe that the future of global growth is in these three drivers — Clean Energy & Technology, Digital Economy, and Global Tourism. The world really needs to come together to deal with climate change head on, and make our Earth a greater place. We are one world and we must take action and do our part for the next generation and beyond,” states Dr. Lanz Chan, founder and CEO of Finamatrix, matter-of-factly, advocate of global best practices for sustainable development, and father of two daughters.


On 11 Oct 2017 gold is trading at 1,280 USD per ounce:

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Gold prices have been rising steadily since the 1990s and the long term demand of gold has been steady and rising while gold supply is limited over time, providing a strong foundation for gold as a reserve currency.

With environmentally-friendly methods for ‘clean’ or ‘ethical’ gold mining, the partnership will redefine how the physical gold markets are integrated with the AI-driven financial markets.


The Gold/FIX/BTC triangular arbitrage trading strategy is one example of the suite of AI trading strategies that Finamatrix utilizes. The strategy involves the automatic switching of funds from the most expensive or cheapest asset relative to the other two assets in a precise proportion, within a predetermined time frame, and this continuous process generates a net return.


In recent times, Bitcoin (BTC) has shown to be resilient in the face of adversity. Currently, the price of Bitcoin is near its all-time high after a roller-coaster ride from a barrage of negativity especially from Jamie Dimon’s (CEO of JP Morgan) comment (some have accused him of abusing the Bitcoin market).

As of 11 October 2017, BTC/USD is trading at approximately USD 4,800 per BTC, see chart here (reference:

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For more information on Finamatrix AI news, please visit Finamatrix ICO website:

or Finamatrix Group corporate website:

Media Contact:

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