FIX : Bounty Program

Aug 8, 2017 · 2 min read

9 August 2017

Time to earn rewards with Finamatrix AI Partner / Bounty Programs.

As part of our ICO campaign, Finamatrix will provide of up to 2% of total supply of tokens as reward for quality online work.

We specifically look for high quality content such as excellent stories, graphic designs and/or videos that impact audiences.

Our Rewards Program is very simple.

Just email us at:

with the link of your posting and prove that the posting is your work and you will either get:

10 Finamatrix tokens (for at least 10 likes)


1,000 Finamatrix tokens or more (for a high quality posting).

Each person can have unlimited postings.

Finamatrix makes the final decision.

If you are well connected in the Bitcoin or Ethereum circles or networks and seek a full partnership agreement, please let us know in your email.

Our links are at the following:

Finamatrix AI . Smart Automation
Finamatrix AI . Super Asset Portfolio

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