Finamatrix A.I. Team

Updated October 6, 2017

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Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D. (Cybernetics)
Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist, Finamatrix Group
Averic Capital Management (Singapore)
Director & Consultant,
WEHP Management Consulting (China)

With 20-years of experience spanning from the army, JP Morgan, Franklin Templeton to UBS, Dr Lanz Chan is a research scholar from Singapore and was the President of the National University of Singapore Graduate Students Society. He is now adjunct professor with various universities and consults for companies such as Galaxy Asset Management (Hong Kong), Averic Capital Management (Singapore), etc; Dr Chan has managed 300m USD in FX derivatives and in recent years he has worked with PingAn group to jointly distribute one of the first funds that trade the CSI300 index futures; he has been invited to present at various TV and radio programmes on FinTech and has presented at the following conferences:

- The 6th Annual Funds Forum China 2011, Beijing, Sep 21–22.
- PingAn Futures Investment Conference, Shanghai, 26 Jun 2012.
- ICBC Shenzhen Futian Investor Meeting, 7 Jul 2012.
- China Merchants Futures/CTA Funds Conference, Shenzhen, 17 Aug 2013.

Academic Conferences:
- Sing T.F., KH Liow and WJ Chan (2001), Mean Reversion of Singapore Property Stock Prices Towards Their Fundamental Values. Paper at 6th Asian Real Estate Society Conference, 31 July — 3 August, Tokyo, Japan.
- Liow, KH and Lanz CWJ. Chan (2004), Covariance, Coskewness and Cokurtosis in Global Real Estate Securities. Paper presented at 5th Maastricht-Cambridge Real Estate Finance and Investment Symposium, 05–07 June, Crown Plaza Hotel, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Lyon Liu, M.Financial Engineering, Ph.D. Candidate (Machine-Learning)
Quant Developer & Data Scientist

Liu holds a master’s in financial engineering and assists in programming new code. He has 4 years of quant experience.

Oyundari Battsengel (Tiffany)
Chief Marketing Officer, Finamatrix Group

Oyu joins our Singapore team to be part of the development and growth of Finamatrix and to take the lead in global marketing strategies. We are excited to have Oyu who comes from a background of family business, tourism and hospitality. Together with the team, she is committed to building and creating a strong presence for Finamatrix in the global market space.

Quantitative/Technical Consultants:

Sherlock Ye, M.Sc. (Applied Finance)

Ye has 6 years of quant experience and assists in formulating ideas. He actively tests data to uncover hidden patterns and also builds the China markets.

M.Y. Wong, M.Sc. Candidate (Data Analytics)

Wong has 5 years of quant experience and assists in programming new code. He specializes in big data statistics.


Professor Dr. Alan WK Wong, Ph.D.
Chair Professor, Department of Finance
FinTech Center and Big Data Research Center, Asia University, Taiwan.

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that Advisers are not responsible for any gain or loss of investments or performance of Finamatrix.


Damien Chow
Senior Adviser, Finamatrix Group
MNC Regional Sales Representative

Alan Lim, MBA
General Partner, Origami Venture
Managing Director, NetSDL & Stone Edge

Vladimir Ninov, MBA
ICO Adviser

Dr. Kunji Li, Ph.D.
CEO, WEHP Management Consulting (Shenzhen, China)
Ex-Head of HR, University Olympiad Committee

Dr. Ming Huang, Ph.D.
Deputy Head, Zhuhai Tourism Board (China)
Senior Director, Hengqin Tourism Investment Committee (China)

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that Advisers are not responsible for any gain or loss of investments or performance of Finamatrix.

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