FIX Crypto-Valuation Model

Updated: 3 Dec 2018 755PM SGT

Finamatrix (FIX) token or crypto-currency by Finamatrix, a Singapore technology company, was voted best A.I. technology firm 2018 and most innovative risk management technology in hedge funds 2019.

Since 2006, Finamatrix has harnessed the collective power of neural-networks coupled with proprietary risk-cybernetics technology and has applied it to FX markets for profit (target 60% p.a. net returns). Originally only offering the service and our top-performing fund to high-networth individuals, Finamatrix has decided to embark on a new revolution of change, providing real value and our best-performing fund to the broader market.

Since 10 October 2018, after careful consideration of requests by FIX clients, Finamatrix began to offer a retail PAMM (percentage allocation management module) solution (termed FIX-MT4) to retail clients who own FIX tokens.

Consequently, every FIX token owner who bought at least 1,000 SGD worth of FIX tokens is a partner that qualifies to gain access to FIX-MT4 to reap capital gains and/or profit-sharing.

FIX owners who own more FIX tokens will receive a higher profit-sharing percentage (%) from the total FIX-MT4 pool. The demand for FIX-MT4 is positively proportional and correlated to the demand of FIX-DEX (FIX tokens in Waves-DEX).

Hence, the indicative value (P*) of FIX token is a function of the various factors (data retrieved as of 3 Dec 2018 1800 SGT):

  1. The fundamental value of FIX tokens which is represented by the intrinsic demand of FIX-MT4, proxied by Equity (EQ) in PAMM: USD 65,310.
  2. The economic value partially proxied by Circulating Supply (CS) (232.33m) and Total Supply (TS) of FIX tokens on Waves Blockchain (300m).
  3. The Total Market Capitalization (TMC) of the crypto market (135.70b) which represents potential market value.
  4. The 24h Trading Volume (TV) of the total crypto market (14.02b) which represents potential daily market liquidity.
  5. The growth rate of FIX token prices is partially proxied by the Rate of Return (RR) of FIX-MT4 (RR: 8.2% as of 3 Dec 2018) which represents % gains in USD value by trading global FX instruments since 10 Oct 2018. The target compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in FIX-MT4 is 60%.
  6. The number (N) of Waves addresses that hold FIX (13,989) represents the potential network value. Read Network Effect.

Therefore, as a guideline for FIX token prices (P), we derive the following formula to account for the above value parameters:

P = f { [ EQ.RGM + CPF%.CMM.NV ] / TS }

P = CMA { [ EQ.(1+RR/60%) + (CS/TS).(TV/TMC).(N²) ] / TS }

P = CMA { [ 65,310.(1+8.2%/60%) + (232.33m/300m).(14.02b/135.7b).(13,989²) ] / 300m }

P = CMA [ 74,235.7 + 15,657,612.62 ] / 300m

P = CMA [ 0.0524 ]

P* = (0.52, 1.05, 1.57)
Trade FIX in Waves-DEX.

P*: indicative price of FIX
EQ (Equity) of FIX-MT4 (more USD equity supports FIX prices).
RGM (FIX Relative-Growth Multiplier) = (1+RR/60%).
CPF% (FIX Crypto Public Float) = CS/TS
CMM (Crypto Market Multiplier) = TV/MC (Daily Total Crypto Trading Volume per Total Crypto Market Cap. The greater the trading volume relative to market cap, the more value there is to support the potential value of FIX).
NV (FIX Network Value) = N²
CMA (Crypto-Muliple Adjustor) = (10, 20, 30)

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31 Dec 2018 is the last day to purchase FIX tokens directly from Finamatrix at discounted prices.


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