FIX Token: Stable + Growth Coin

Data retrieved on 22 May 2019.

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The indicative value (P*) of FIX token is a function of both Network Value (Users) + Intrinsic Value (Economic Demand, Corporate Size and Performance Factors). FIX token is a Stable-coin backed by fundamentals and is also a Growth-coin driven by leading A.I. technologies. Finamatrix (founded since 2006) is a leader in Risk-Tech in financial markets with proprietary Machine-Learning technologies that provide an edge in financial markets. The world is undergoing a revolution in value transfer with the advent of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. (CNBC exclusive broadcaster)


Here are the current indicative FIX token prices (P), derived using the following formula, based on current data:

P = f { [ EQ.RGM + CPF%.CMM.NV ] / TS }
P = CMA { [ EQ.(1+RR/60%) + (CS/TS).(TV/TMC).(N²) ] / TS }
P = CMA { [ 30M.(1+25%/60%) 
+ (233M/300M).(75B/249B).(14,000²) ] / 300M }
P = CMA [ 43M + 46M ] / 300M
P = CMA [ 0.296 ]

P* = ($2.96, $5.92, $8.88)

FIX token target value ranges from $2.96 to $8.88 with an average market cap of $1.38B, ranking top 20 in the crypto market.


Here are the targets for FIX token prices (P), derived using the following formula, for the next 3 years after our milestones are achieved:

P = f { [ EQ.RGM + CPF%.CMM.NV ] / TS }
P = CMA { [ EQ.(1+RR/30%) + (CS/TS).(TV/TMC).(N²) ] / TS }
P = CMA { [ 100M.(1+30%/30%) 
+ (233M/300M).(75B/249B).(100,000²) ] / 300M }
P = CMA [ 200M + 2339M ] / 300M
P = CMA [ 8.46 ]

P* = ($85, $169, $254)

FIX token target value ranges from $85 to $254 with an average market cap of $39B, ranking top 10 in the crypto market and top 100 organization in the global market.

P*: Indicative price of FIX token.
CMA (Crypto-Mulitple Adjuster) = (10, 20, 30) [crypto industry-specific multiple proxied by the total stock market average Price-to-Book ratio of circa 20. See: CSIMarket].
EQ (Equity) of FIX-MT4 and all group funds including own and client funds termed as total Assets Under Management (AUM) (current US$30M, target US$100M), which is a good proxy for Corporate Size.
RGM (FIX Relative-Growth Multiplier) = (1+RR/30%). [The growth rate of FIX token prices is partially proxied by the Rate of Return (RR) of Finamatrix A.I. Fund (Target RR: 30% annualized for the Regulated Fund, 60% for FIX-MT4 PAMM), which adjusts EQ by a reasonable Relative Performance Factor that accounts for changes in Corporate Size].
CPF% (FIX Crypto Public Float) = CS/TS [The Economic Value partially proxied by Circulating Supply (CS)(a Demand proxy)(233M) and Total Supply (TS) of FIX verified on Waves Blockchain(300M)].
CMM (Crypto Market Multiplier) = TV/TMC [Daily Total Crypto Trading Volume (TV)(75B) per Total Crypto Market Cap (TMC)(249B), which represents potential market value].
NV (FIX Network Value) = [Number (N) of Waves addresses that hold FIX Tokens(current 14,000, target 100,000)].

Daily FIX Token Trading Volume: Convenient automated trading tools will be introduced in Waves-DEX for easy trading while FIX/USD will be automatically traded by our institutional clients and also offered as CFDs in MT4, so as to maintain a healthy average daily trading volume to satisfy the requirements of the FIX community, which is the payment to Finamatrix for A.I. risk-tech services (in the form of management and performance fees).


  • Launch of the regulated “Finamatrix A.I. Fund” under a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Capital Markets Services (CMS) licensed company in Singapore for the global institutional client market.
  • To sign key distributor agreements with important local and country partners for the fund and FIX token.
  • Assets under management (AUM) of US$100M and above for the regulated fund.

Founded by Professor Dr. Lanz Chan, Ph.D.

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