Why own FIX cryptocurrency token? The world’s first risk management Blockchain project.

JAN 1, 2018

The billion dollar question.

Why own FIX Token?

  1. Safe & Secure AI Portfolio
  2. 100% refund policy
  3. Bonus program
  4. Voting rights
  5. No minimum


Finamatrix won best AI tech firm 2018 award and created the AI-Aggregator (crowd-source from financial intelligence community for continuous enhancements) which empowers people with AI to help achieve their financial objectives. FIX owners automatically access opportunities in highly volatile markets including cryptocurrencies. Finamatrix AI integrates with Waves blockchain using unique API protocols (smart contracts) for executing seamless risk management that captures mispricings in financial markets (cryptos, FX, commodities, equities, futures, liquid derivatives, market making) for profit.


The buyback program is a 100% refund policy (principal-protected & capital-guaranteed) that is based on quarterly audited financial reports of Finamatrix. At the end of each financial quarter, FIX token owners can apply to refund their tokens for Bitcoins (or their buy-in currency) at their cost price (at ICO from Finamatrix) if the price of FIX token is lower than their ICO cost price. Owners must apply online to official email for verification before receiving the refund.


The bonus program is a loyalty program based on quarterly audited
reports of Finamatrix. The top 10% of all the owners of FIX tokens in
terms of quantity will receive bonus FIX tokens as a form of reward. Finamatrix shares up to 50% of net increases in portfolio values per financial quarter. For example if portfolio value increases by 20% after one quarter, we can give up to half of 20% which is 10% in the form of FIX tokens to our token owners.


Users can submit their suggestions to us anytime and we will take action needed to make things work even better. 1 FIX is equal to 1 voting right. The more FIX you have, the more voting rights you may exercise. More details provided on our official site soon.

There is no minimum investment amount for the world’s most comprehensive AI-driven asset class.

We welcome all enquiries.


Email: ICO @ finamatrix.com

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