Hedge Bitcoin with FIX/BTC

October 19, 2017

  • As Bitcoin prices rocket, buyers are worried that prices may plummet due to collusion and other risks.
  • Founder of Finamatrix AI, Dr. Lanz Chan, ex-JP Morgan and UBS banker fully understands these risks and has integrated AI-cybernetics with Blockchain for autonomous risk-management and trading automation.
  • Finamatrix AI offers the buy-and-hold opportunity of the FIX token for long-term superior growth.
  • Finamatrix provides a safe vehicle with a 100% refund policy (capital-protection) from ICO prices. This is made possible with our low capital utilization rate of 10% and asset base of more than 10% of the capital raised from the ICO, coupled with strong investment commitments from strategic partners, providing ample liquidity for our operations.
  • FIX is a global AI-driven asset class on Waves blockchain.
  • People buy FIX to immediately access high-performance AI technologies for diversification benefits in their investment portfolios.
  • Buy FIX using Bitcoins (BTC) to diversify Bitcoin risks.
  • FIX is traded on Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which is secure and KYC-compliant.
  • FIX can be traded with BTC, USD, EUR, or any other asset in the peer-to-peer Waves DEX.
  • There is no minimum investment to offer access to anyone.
  • Finamatrix has received $100M investment commitment from physical gold mining and blockchain project and is your long-term partner.