AI-Driven Asset Class: Liquid & Scalable

August 7, 2017

Finamatrix introduces Super Asset Portfolios (SAPs).

Since 2006, high tech company Finamatrix uses artificial intelligence (cybernetics) to seek global liquid opportunities for high investment value and super normal returns (defined as positive and above normal returns).

By using Waves Blockchain and customized smart contracts (protocols), Finamatrix delivers seamless execution to access these super asset classes for users, where fund allocations are automatically executed and AI-driven to reduce and eliminate human error.

Super Asset Classes are:

  • Cryptocurrency (or Altcoins) like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, Finamatrix, Lykke, etc. see:
  • FX / Commodity Hedge: Macro economic instruments offer hedging opportunities which is AI-driven.
  • New Technology: these are selected new technology investments in the form of public listed shares and derivative instruments.
  • Liquidity / Market-Making / Placements: these are mainly arbitrage strategies and in the form of liquid assets, cash, very short term liquidity provision for market making in highly liquid assets and private placements or transactions.

Here are the 3 portfolios (with different target returns) that the Finamatrix AI will automatically allocate according to changing market conditions:

Buyers of Finamatrix (FIX) Token have access rights to Finamatrix AI Cybernetics and gain value from the appreciation of the FIX token.

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