Geo-Economic: European Commission Presents Five Scenarios For The Future

Editor Remarks : In a major development European Commission released a "White Paper On the Future Of Europe" which comes at a time of extensive tensions after brexit, and which lays out themain challenges and opportunities for Europe . It presents five scenarios for how the Union could
evolve by 2025 depending on how it chooses to respond. The White Paper sets out five scenarios, each offering a glimpse into the potential state of the Union by 2025 depending on the choices Europe will make (see pic). . Europe’s population and economic weight is falling as other parts of the world grow. By 2060, none of EU Member States will account for even 1% of the world’s population – a compelling reason for sticking together to achieve more. one particular scenario is missing, the one which if anti-establishment party come to power in many European countries. It will be scenario 6 , which EU commission couldn’t able to highlight. It may increase the chances of Endgame for European union quickly than thought in white Paper.

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