5 Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Restaurant

“Where to eat?” If this is a question which bogs you down quite often, then here are some things to consider..

Healthy food options

Eating out doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your eating habits. If you are a fitness freak, then choosing one of those Financial District restaurants that offer a wide choice of healthy meals makes absolute sense. From salads to meals rich in proteins and nutrients, there is a lot that you can get while eating out. So, make sure that your chosen place caters to the demands of those who are looking for healthful options from a restaurant, one that doesn’t forego nutrition.

Quality food

Quality should be a major driving in choosing where to go. Check their rating with the health department, which should be right on or near the front door. rating Check the New York food critic sites — like Zagat, Village Voice, Time Out, New York Times food section and others; there are hundred, if not thousands, of foodie blogs out there. After all, if the place is beautiful with ambiance but also awful food, well, nuff said.

Ambience shouldn’t be overlooked

A good eating place doesn’t only set you free from the task of preparing food. That can be done by ordering food and getting it delivered to your place as well. When you choose a restaurant, it’s not just to eat, but also to experience as well. It’s an outing. So you have to take into consideration your mood. Do you want someplace lively, sedate, romantic, or adventurous? Decisions decisions.

Localization matters

They say location location location. Of no, wait, that’s for real estate. The truth is that if you find the perfect spot with great food, atmosphere, and service, well then location actually isn’t that important. I’ve gone way out of my way to find the right spot at the right time when I am in the right mood for it. But, that isn’t to say that if it’s locally convenient that you should overlook that fact either. if you’re going to lower manhattan, like the financial district, you want to know there is a reasonably quick cab route, or that the restaurant you choose is close to the subway — if you’re a subway New Yorker.

Variety is exciting

There are times you know exactly what you’re craving. Once I’ve got the taste on my tongue for an Enchilada and cold Margarita, there is nothing to think about. But there are times when you know you’re in the mood for , say, fish, but not what kind per se. Or maybe you crave meat. But which, a prime rib, a sirloin steak? These are the nights when choosing a place with a wide and varied menu is important. Everyone should have a favorite everything restaurant, and those nights when your cravings are playing hide and seek with your tongue. You get there and then just by reading the menu, it will suddenly click — “yeah, that’s what I want!”