New Year, New… learning.

I promise this one is shorter…


So when I left off last time I was just about to start an Archery Instructor’s course. It was a rather intense few days spent in the Lendrick Muir games hall that has a magic trick of remaining colder than outside, which is actually pretty handy for fast games, for archery however rather more layers were required. It was also very fun and we learnt loads and I can now happily say, after an assessment which made me a wee bit nervous, Archery GB now consider me a competent archery instructor! Today I have begun the process of on-site sign off leading my first weekend archery sessions (1hr) and next week I will be being observed leading the longer (1.5hr) school sessions.


The week after the archery training most of the LM staff team headed to Abernethy’s Barcaple centre for our staff retreat, where we had an amazing time of fellowship spending time in worship together (led by Robin who’s job title I frequently forget but who is my boss’s boss’s boss) and in studying God’s word together, with excellent teaching from Pauline who has done an amazing variety of jobs for SU and our brilliant chaplains Ruth and Sandy. We also had an afternoon set aside to experience some of Barcaple’s activities. I opted for mountain biking, and got to enjoy my first experience of a purpose built trail centre, and my first attempt at riding North Shore without falling off (if you’ve not heard of it look it up, crazy stuff) which was good because I would have been soaked. All in all amazing, and made me proud to belong to an organisation that cares so much about its staff.

Outdoor First Aid

Another intense but fun training course. There are very few situations in life in which you can find yourself lying on the grass pretending to be unconscious whilst your line manager drags you in a circle by your legs (his logic; if my head is up hill, good breathing is promoted) or find yourself being hugged enthusiastically by your friend who you have just flipped onto their front (very carefully keeping their spine straight, of course) who has forgotten that they’re meant to have broken their leg, but between a great number of these scenarios and a lot of practical classroom teaching I do feel more prepared if I ever have to use any of it (though I kind of hope I won’t).


Reviewing is not something I would have considered seeking training for but we recently had Roger Greenaway who specialises in it come into give our programme team (schools/activities) a tailored session on reviewing with techniques to help us help the young people get the very best from sessions. One of the techniques is called empathy pairs and involves getting the young people to guess each other’s feelings and I’ve enjoyed making use of that in sessions.

Low Ropes

I have recently been signed off to lead sessions on our low ropes course, which involves; a shorter climbing tower, a rope bridge, a massive slide (that you can also climb), a tunnel, a firemans pole, a pegwall (sort of a bouldering wall with removal legs for holds) and a series of balance challenges (mainly rope based, unsurprisingly) I really enjoy leading these sessions as there is a lot of room for changing things to provided different levels of challenges to suit ability/confidence. Also on the first session that I led solo after being signed off, there was surprise heavy snow, which was great fun.

Last But Definitely Not Least…

Beth is coming to visit next weekend!!!! I am a tiny bit excited about this fact, which will come as no surprise to anyone who works at Lendrick Muir (or has stood still in my vicinity for more than two minutes…) which will mean she gets to meet the rather crazy staff family I belong to as well as exploring the wonderful place I live.

Thanks again for reading.

Prayer points

Bike training:

Aside from Barcaple I have not been out on a bike since early December, please pray that I find time and energy for riding.


Our school season starts this Monday with our first school of the year, please pray for the young people and school staff, as well as for those of us who have become accustomed to our shorter winter hours…

Study and personal walk:

Please pray that as the days get busier I will still seek to study God’s word and spend time with Him