The Insides of FinBox

Using FinBox for the first time seems magical to some and intriguing to most. We want to demystify the inner workings of the app to reveal our privacy centric approach to Finance.

Some questions are best answered upfront

  • How FinBox gets data
  • How FinBox analyses data

Keeping it on the Phone

FinBox gets all its data from the financial SMS’s that are already on your phone. We believe that the FinBox approach is revolutionary as it benefits you without compromising on security. The app analyses the SMS’s then and there without requiring any inputs from any servers. Even though this made engineering the app harder we stuck with this choice because of our security and privacy centric mindset.

Analyzing Data

You might ask, if you don’t get any data on your servers then how do you write algorithms to analyze them. You are right, its tough! Unlike some of our competitors who have taken the easy way out by sending in user data to their servers without consent, we have decided to take the high road. We get SMS data from our friends, family and our super helpful user base. We use these SMS’s to craft algorithms to analyse data on your phones.

We at FinBox believe that your financial data has the key to saving you a lot money. If you are saving for that car, your dream home or money to send back home, FinBox’s algorithms will be backing you to get to your goals faster. It will also save you time and free you to do more of what you really love to do.