I’m going to force myself to be a game developer

Games are the whole reason I learned how to write software

I can’t remember if it was Aeris or Lavitz first but both taught me that games aren’t just for fun; you can genuinely care about what happens to a set of polygons.

Of course I’ve tried things over the years and many of which were far too ambitious for my skills at the time but now I think the time is right. I’ve had my fun in web development but my current position is stagnating and I need a change. What better time to do what I had always intended?

So here’s to a fresh start

I know I have the skills, I just need a little help staying on track so feel free to spam me with as many “how’s the game coming?” questions as possible. Deadlines and people bugging me are immensely useful tools so I may as well use them.

First order of business: start small

I messed around and made a poor imitation of Pong last night to start getting used to the new world I’m going to dive into. I’m giving myself until the end of this weekend to make it track scores and be able to restart the game. From there, I’ll post a link, request play tests and code reviews, and plan the set of features due for next week.

That’s the way it’s going to go. No more starting a project and losing interest in a few weeks because I stopped working on it. I’ll work on things as much as possible and post the progress for accountability.

So how about it?

Wanna help me along? You’ll get to play all of my games and I’ll get to learn and finally finish something for once. Sounds like a win-win to me.