FinClusive Announces New Hires Arthur Kirsten And Christopher Ostrowski

New York City Fintech/regtech startup FinClusive today announced the addition of Arthur Kirsten and Christopher Ostrowski to the FinClusive team. Kirsten will serve as a Bank Security Act (BSA) Officer, and Ostrowski will serve as a compliance product lead.

“I am thrilled to have both Chris and Arthur join our team as we continue to expand our capabilities both at home and abroad,” said Amit Sharma, Founder and CEO of FinClusive. “Both of them bring a great deal of experience around compliance, international risk, and financial crimes controls.”

Kirsten and Ostrowski come to FinClusive with decades of experience in compliance and finance. Kirsten was most recently the Head of Compliance for Middle East and Africa at WorldRemit. Ostrowski joins FinClusive after a distinguished career at Wells Fargo, where he was most recently the lead business consultant for financial crimes compliance.

“FinClusive’s groundbreaking ability to use modern financial technology to solve compliance issues globally has incredible potential to change the way remittances and cross-border payments are conducted across the world,” said Kirsten.

“A financial crimes compliance system that is updated and streamlined for modern finance has incredible potential, both to make payments easier and to bring previously underbanked people into the financial system.” said Ostrowski. “I’ve admired the work that Amit and the team are doing for a long time, and I’m thrilled to join the team.”



About FinClusive

FinClusive is a hybrid financial-regulatory-technology company that connects traditional banking with the power of blockchain-enabled payments and virtual asset networks — with an embedded full-stack financial crimes compliance/anti-money laundering (FCC/AML) platform. FinClusive’s compliance as a service (CaaS) is an embedded FCC/AML platform that provides global know your customer/business (KYC/KYB), monitoring and watchlist/sanctions screening, transaction tracking and analytics to enable traditional and decentralized financial services a full tool-kit of FCC controls in one application. The platform also provides compliance backed digitally verifiable credentials — and legal entity identifiers (LEIs) — to clients, enabling a global-standard utility for KYC/KYB verification across networks, payment rails and financial services providers. FinClusive goes further by connecting organizations to U.S. bank of record partners (for deposit and custody services) and crypto exchange and liquidity providers (to enable conversion between crypto assets and fiat assets). FinClusive’s platform is built to be engaged by decentralized financial services (Defi), e-commerce marketplaces, and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications. Learn more at



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