This picture was Taken on at aFind Enlight Exploration in Southwark London 2016/7 at Abeerance art & dance show


As you read this, an orchestra of rhythm & harmony is going on inside of you. You as a living being are *effortlessly beating your heart at a 100,000 beats a day & neurologically lighting up the equivalent of a 20 watt light bulb more efficiently than the worlds fastest supercomputers, not to mention the 60 thousand miles of blood vessels that wraps around your body.

So why am I highlighting this?

Well it strikes me that our capacity as human beings has been stunted by our ignorance, however by the simple act of recognizing our existing physiological, neurological & societal capacity to affect our surroundings, we further amplify our powers.

Whether constructively or negatively it’s important to reconize that our intentions & actions have *ripples way beyond our immediate surroundings, like a *Murmuration of birds or a bee hive creating honey, we are constantly emitting & part of pulse but without recognizing our power, we are surrendering the rhythm within us to be relegated to a mere blip in someone else’s orchestra.

*This text is taken from a Find Enlight publication released in April 2017

Further Reading :

*Biology of Bliss & Flow States — Jamie Wheal & Steven Kotler

*Murmuration, Great Barrier Reef,

  • Ripple Effect, Domino effect, Crowd/ Swarm theory, Memes


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