This Picture Was Taken on a *Find Enlight Exploration* to The nomadic Gardens in Shoreditch East London in the Summer of 2015


The beauty of *consciously recognizing the beating pulse within you is that it suddenly takes on new dimensions of possibilities & not only does it ignite the dormant powers within you but it also reverberates to all of those around you.

Understanding the power of the flame that is burning inside you is crucial because it unleashes the ability for you to direct that flame whether for cooking, keeping warm or creating energy. But currently a lot of us (whether consciously or unconsciously) are using that same flame to burn down the house that keeps us alive & healthy.

Moving forward the *key is for us to understand & to start deploying the untapped capacity that lay dormant within us.

Numerous *examples of people power exist, from citizen science, to peer2peer networks, block-chain & much more. No matter what the initiative is, it is crucial for us to direct the pulse within us towards something meaningful, because there isn’t such a thing as a living being without power, only a being unconsciously using their power to fuel others flame.

*This text is taken from a Find Enlight publication released in April 2017

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