Ivana Knezevic

I’m not on any side. As I mentioned I was torn between admiring the guy and loathing him.

You’re right, he didn’t deprive another person of their seat. But he did try to alter the deal that he made with the airline at the time of the purchase of his ticket.

If he had sat in another economy seat then there wouldn’t be an issue.

In my eyes the stewardess is a person. Not simply part of the system. They work in the system but aren’t part of it. They often have enough rubbish to deal with without the addition of passengers purposely trying to make things even more difficult for them.

At not time did I say it was ok to cheat the system. I did mention that if he had found a loophole in the system then I would be ok with it. But he didn’t. He just tried to cheat everybody, including his fellow passengers.

By following the logic our ability to fly in business class should not be divided between the haves, have-nots and have-lesses, I would also argue that our ability to fly business class should not be based upon our ability to to bluff others (for example, the gentleman in question vs every other passenger on the plane).

If it is ok to bluff my way into a business class seat without paying for it is it also ok for me to go to a car showroom, pay for the cheapest model and then attempt to drive off in the premium model instead?

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