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CoachKanika findingabetteryou. COACH. January 9, 2021. 1 Minute

Unconditional love is love without any condition and where there is no limitation or expectation just affection.

To love unconditionally your child is very simple: just demands an acceptance of the child completely without any restrictions or the parent’s personal experience of the world.

Unconditional love never says love without condition but it says to offer love and let it move freely from you to other people/child without any condition.

Unconditional love is totally against the boomerang concept where you offer love without expecting the same or anything in return but sadly when I talk about parent-child relation there are prefix conditions whether spoken or unspoken from parents with a list of parents interest to make a child a better human and acceptable in the society.

Unconditional love is the most healing energy in the universe that can heal anything. Every relation, every interaction has conditions which say you have to give something to others if you expect them to do something for you. But unconditional love is different than this.

When I talk about the most sacred relation of the universe which is a mother and the child, the love of the mother too is condition-based where the child involves in all activities organically to serve the mother’s expectation.

So where is unconditional love in the most sacred relation but every day is a new beginning and let’s make a world beautiful with our one step and embrace all children with unconditional love rather than giving them a platform to make better humans.

As I already said the most powerful healing energy of the world is unconditional love. The moment you transfer this energy from you to your child/another person universe will take care of everything.

Unfortunately, there is no unconditional love that one can experience in daily lives regularly resultant in humans are becoming emotionally and spiritually ill.

You will be surprised to know that one can use the energy of unconditional love to animals, thoughts, emotions, and even to oneself.

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