Finding Felicity: Two

A Line in the Sand

It is a barely educated assumption on my part that Felicity arrived back at home over this past weekend, either to her family’s home in Canada or back to her work home in New England. As she hasn’t yet attempted contact with me it means she has either lost my information and forgotten my name, or is avoiding it out of lack of interest.

I’m experiencing a sense of urgency in her reaching out to validate my feelings in the hopes that they are reciprocated, but as the days pass the fear becomes more of a reality. Accepting this possibility has been easier as the days go by but I’ve found myself reaching out into other aspects of my life to attain personal validation.

I accept that I may be alone in this journey but all I care about is an answer. If the answer is no then the episodes end, the blog closes and so does this chapter in my life.

I have enough information to get in touch with her on a single social media account with the hopes that she actually has access to it. The real curse of being technologically gifted especially regarding online search is that I can find nearly anyone’s online presence with just a first name and some basic career or location information.

If by Sunday morning I have not heard from her I will reach out and risk being labeled a creep and a stalker.

In the responses box below I gladly accept any advice from readers on this proposed timeline if it needs to be extended or if I need to re-think my approach. Perhaps I need to act on a larger scale without broaching someone’s personal barriers to do it, but again, I’m not sure I can find that answer alone.

In the meantime I have made plans to spend time with women I know locally in a vain attempt to lay out some kind of cushion for what I feel is an inevitable fall back into the reality of unrequited love.


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