It’s hard to know where to come in on this.

“Clearly wearing make-up and sexy clothes is NOT for a woman/girls own self but specifically to attract attention.”

I’m sorry, but that’s not true. You can’t speak to other’s motivations. When you buy a pair of pants that make you look and feel nice, is it only to attract attention? If so, then it might be because your self-esteem is too dependent upon validation through sexual attraction.

There are different ways and reasons to wear makeup. Maybe, it’s art. Maybe, the role models you had inspire you to wear makeup. Maybe, you’re wanting to project that you’re put together, that you have strong convictions about your aesthetics and have an opinion about how you look. Maybe, it’s actually to not attract attention since you feel that the norm is to wear makeup so everyone will think you look weird if you don’t.

I struggle with the concept of makeup myself. I’ve been chastised by women who didn’t think I was enough of a feminist for even talking about makeup. I’ve felt both comfortable and uncomfortable at times without makeup. I’ve had fun playing around with makeup, reshaping my face and practicing like you would with a hobby like drawing or another art. I’ve also often had to think about whether or not I would be taken seriously in a professional setting if I were to decide to show up without makeup.

It’s not as simple as you might think. I should be allowed to try different approaches and form my opinions as I go. Maybe if we were a little bit more curious about each other’s perspectives and experiences instead of passing judgement and making assumptions, we could all learn to love a little bit more freely and genuinely.

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