I am sorry, but you are wrong.
Falconius Azurius

You literally just objectified the female gender by comparing it to an inanimate object that can be owned. It’s interesting you would choose a car considering that’s a very traditionally-thought-of-as-male oriented object of desire. What if I, as a woman, really like cars and appreciate their beauty? Does that mean I’m going to look at a man in a lustful way and make sure he knows I’m doing it? Am I not responsible for making a man feel uncomfortable if I’m objectifying him? Or does that make him less of a man if he feels uncomfortable?

Does it make me more of a woman if I’m subjected to feeling uncomfortable when someone is looking at me in a way I don’t appreciate?

The fact is, you don’t know who around you is decent. That doesn’t mean that I’m responsible for tempting someone into sexually harassing me, or worse, with whatever part or imagined part of my body. What about when I’m somewhere where it’s common to not hide my body, like at my apartment pool for example?

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