Finding Mind Time

An end of year resolution you’ll want to keep.

Did you manage to keep the New Year’s resolution you made back in January? If not you are not alone. Apparently, 66% of us break them before the end of February. It’s time to try a different approach by committing to “Finding Mind Time” — an enjoyable, beneficial, end of year resolution.

“Finding Mind Time” is doing or attending a relaxing and enjoyable activity, place or event, for at least one hour each week.

That hour can be broken up into smaller sections of time or it can be increased. Whatever way you do it is up to you.

An activity can be as simple as sitting down and reading a book, going out for a walk, meeting up with friends. It could be a commitment to join a class to learn a new skill, turn off all tech, attend an exercise session, do some meditation, take on a new challenge, visit a new place… So long as it is something you enjoy and it helps you relax it fits the criteria.

Why should you bother?

Mental health problems are on the rise globally. They often start as something small but grow into bigger issues before people seek help. However, research has shown that by exercising for as little as one hour per week and taking up activities that help us unwind and de-stress we decrease the symptoms of existing mental health problems and we decrease the likelihood of developing more serious issues. Committing to do something you enjoy essentially has huge benefits for your mental health.

How will you fit it in to your already busy life and stick to it?

Don’t make it complicated. “Finding Mind Time” can be as simple as taking an actual lunch break and moving away from your desk. It doesn’t have to a big trip out or even cost you money. Think of simple things to do initially and you can always add others as you get into a routine and see the benefits.

Book your “Finding Mind Time” activity into your diary at least a week in advance so that you don’t forget it. Within a few weeks, it will become part of your routine and you’ll start seeing how your mood and energy levels improve. You’ll very quickly get to a point where you’ll actually miss it if you don’t do it.

Share on social media using #FindingMindTime what you are doing to relax and help you feel good or tell us how it made you feel after you have done it. It will encourage you to stick to it and encourage others to take up a “Finding Mind Time” activity.

Let’s make it acceptable to take time out in our busy weeks to find time to let our minds heal and relax.

We’re worth it.

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