How a “Little Side Thing” Can Change Your Life

There are many studies about how a little more sleep, exercise or dieting can change your life. There is proof that saving a little can impact your life in the long run and research demonstrates even a little more time washing your hands can significantly improve your chances to stay healthy.

BUT, can a little side thing change your life? You Bet!

We’ve all heard stories about how famous people started their empires burning the midnight oil on a side thing in their garage or apartments, but let me tell you about some people I know whose little side things changed their lives as well.

Ross W. worked for many years in communication but recently when it was time for his two children to enter college, he decided he needed extra income. He bought a van had it outfitted for mobile detailing and with his oldest son went from place to place detailing automobiles on evenings and weekends. Ross earned enough money on his part time job to eliminate having to take out loans. He is even working on franchising his business and has quit his position in communication. Ross never planned to quit a position he was trained in to grow a side venture but when he realized the potential it had to change his life, he never looked back.

Peg M. was working as a hairdresser for a string of salons for years. After a divorce, Peg went into a deep depression. A friend suggested she take some part time classes just to get out of the house. Peg took an upholstery class and then another and another. By the time Peg finished her first project she was hooked on how fabric could make something old look brand new. She stopped by a local interior design shop one day and asked if they ever needed help . Several weeks later, the owner of the shop called her and asked if she had a commercial sewing machine and if she was interested in doing some work from home. Peg jumped at the chance,rented a machine and within 16 months, Peg was spending every spare minute making draperies and upholstering furniture. She is planning to resign at the salon and open her own customized design studio within the next few months.

Did her life change because of a side job? Absolutely!

One of my clients, Barbara K is employed as an office administrator. Through her church she was involved in volunteering with children who had life threatening illnesses. Barbara would often dress up like a cartoon character, super hero or fairytale princess when she would visit the children. She decided to create a network of people who would go into preschools, hospitals, and shelters and offer little shows for children. Word about Barbara’s activities spread to having parents request one or more of her “special characters” at birthday parties. Barbara told me that she is pocketing all her “side income” and is hoping to be able to buy some lakefront property before the end of the year. ” I really never thought I’d earn enough to buy that property already.” she recently told me. Now that is life changing!

So can a little side job change you life? Oh, more than you will know. I have a client who is a college student and used a small inheritance to purchase some tools and equipment. He is developing a program to help homeowners learn basic repairs and remodeling and just landed a contract with a real estate company (Many of the agents give their buyers a class as a closing gift!) Another client is wrapping up her final year of teaching since her customized jewelry business has blossomed, another who is a marketing rep started a specialized photography business so when she is ready to stop the travel in her current job, she has another opportunity to continue her income stream doing something she loves.

You need not jump ship and create a business to change your life. Sometimes just taking up a hobby, developing a new skill or even volunteering in an area can be the springboard that helps you start some little “on the side” income.

Some people never want to do more than have that side income while others grow it exponentially into a thriving business. But, I can promise you, most will tell you however it grows, it is life changing.

For many, having a little side thing gives them a newfound sense of independence and freedom.

Having a side income stream has the potential to jumpstart a life you only dreamed of.


Maybe you have been toying with an idea, hobby or passion for some time but just don’t know where to start to turn it into an income stream. I’d love to help show you some life changing opportunities.

Want to start doing something “on the side”. Come schedule a FREE 30 minute consult and start changing your life.

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