Infomation Overload; Just Cover Your Ears and Hit Delete.

Last week I was talking with a colleague when she blurted out,”There’s so much out there, I feel like I am just adding to the constant bombardment and I’m just not sure about it. Somedays I just want to cover my ears and hit delete.”

If you depend on getting traffic to your site via social media ( who doesn’t?) then you may feel a similar overwhelm when it comes to connecting.

The real problem with having the world at your fingertips (via phone or keyboard) is that it truly can be like being bombarded by constantly loud music.You might even enjoy the song but after awhile anything that continues to be chronically loud becomes annoying, disturbing and downright overwhelming.

There are countless headlines offering a new way to get clients, grow your list, rank high on Google, increase your income, discover your life’s purpose, improve your SEO. Each encourages you to try, buy, sell, get, check-out, watch, download or register.

Honestly, as a business owner, I have used these same methods to reach my clients at times.

I know, I feel much the same. Are we overwhelming everyone with the constant information overload?

Everyone is trying to get information in front of other people.

In-boxes are flooded with emails, phones alert us to the latest tweets and postings.There’s many more options than paper or plastic begging for our response.

There are podcasts, teleseminars, on-line courses, videos, webinars for just about any training you can imagine.

But as my colleague suggested sometimes you just want to cover your ears.

As a business owner, I have to discern what I take in and what I send out. It’s a tightrope I think many business owners walk.

The merry-go-round of instant access, information overload and 24/7 bombardment can be a shell-shocking experience.

You just get your in-box empty and the next morning find another 100 emails waiting.

You just learn how to use a certain social media and all of the sudden the next new thing is beckoning for your attention.

Are we sacrificing our most strategic relationships because of too many circles of friends, likes, and connections?

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One day each month I choose to disengage from all social media, both personal and business. My cell phone is handy for talking to distant family members or if there is an emergency but other than that, I don’t look at email, any social media or engage in any sharing of pictures, comments or other interaction via the internet.

Even that one day is often not enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the contacts and clients I have been able to connect with and reach via social media but I often agree with my friend; there is a lot of noise out there and just adding to it seems pointless and even cruel.

So maybe it’s just time to listen to some music, take a walk, relax in a comfortable place and take a friend, connection, loved one with you not for sharing advice, selling a product or learning something new, but rather for some real FACE TIME, like I just had with my colleague.

At least you can complain,commiserate and laugh in person and realize you’re not the only one who wants to sometimes drown out the noise!

Has the evolving world of social media added to or subtracted from you life?

Do you feel overwhelmed with media at times?

( And how do YOU deal with inbox overflow?)…Delete, delete, delete.

Kathy Brunner is a career and business coach who helps people move from day job to dream job. She works with entrepreneurs to jump start their ideas into thriving businesses. Come on over and say, “Hi” on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST or just cover your ears if it’s all been too much!