Realm: A Turn-Based Game in a Smart Contract World


I took the leap. Just left my Web2 dev job of five years and jumped down the rabbit hole into Web3 and crypto. What did I do next to prepare for this brave new world? I built some Loot derivatives :P

After several attempts that didn’t work out, disappointment started to set in. Before it could take a hold of me, I shook it off and used it as a catalyst towards my next project. That’s where Realm comes in.

What is Realm?

Realm is inspired by turn based games where you collect, build, explore, trade and fight your way to victory. But what does winning look like? More on that later.

You’ll start out by minting and naming your Realm NFT. Rarity is found in the geographical features that each Realm holds. From volcanos to coral reefs, each feature will provide your Realm with unique bonuses and interactions.

How does it work?

Once you’ve minted a Realm you’re ready to start building! Build up your cities and work on growing your resources. Improve your Realm by researching through various tech trees.


The game keeps track of a handful of key metrics that provide you with the resources to advance. All of these metrics are associated with your unique Realm NFT.


There are many ways to collect resources. Two fundamental ways will be through farming and mining. Each of these methods will yield 6–8 different types of resources that in turn help improve your Realm’s metrics and also provide goods to trade with.


You’ll start out by building a city and eventually evolve into a multi-city Realm. Farms and mines will help you get off the ground. As the game evolves you’ll be able to build learning centers, government headquarters and military facilities, to name a few. The list of possible expansions is up to us.


Create explorer units to better your odds at finding Artifacts, Lore and Loot in your Realm. You will have a higher likelihood at find a specific type depending on the units you create.

Build up your army. There are NPCs in your Realm that will test your borders.


Follow the path of advancement through a technology and society tree. You choose which path your Realm takes.

Decide what type of government you’d like to explore and gain bonuses based on your choices.


Who doesn’t like achievements! As you progress, collect achievements for a variety of goals. Rarity of these achievements depend on the rigor required to get them.

Inter-Realm Play

Your Realm is not an island. You can decide to be peaceful with your neighbors or declare war. To each their own.


In the end, immortalize what you’ve accomplished by minting collectible NFTs based on your gameplay.

What is the End Game?

Winning can be many things in Realm. Are you trying to build the greatest trading Realm ever? Do you want to collect as many Lore/Artifacts NFTs as you can find? Do you want to build a great army and fight against other Realms?

You can achieve all of them if you want. And these are just the start. I’d love to see people in the community get involved and build more and more scenarios.

Lego blocks for the Community

Community first. The only path to success is through community. A way to achieve that is to provide lego blocks that others can use, remix and improve upon. There is no Realm without you.

All data is held in public variables and is accessible by other contracts. Usage of metrics and resources is limited to the Realm owner and approved addresses. That means you can create expansions and experiences on top of Realm data.

Long Term Vision

A Big part of Realm centers around three things:

  1. Building Community through gaming
  2. Creating ownership for those engaged
  3. Providing Real World Value

As I’ve stepped into the crypto world I’ve seen the power of openness and collaboration like never before. I’d like to bring that same spirit to Realm. Though Realm is just a game, I hope it can bring people together and provide a collective experience that is fun for all.


You can find the Realm contract here:

I’ll be adding the base layer contracts in the coming week.

Want to get involved?

Come join our discord:

Feel free to DM me on twitter with any questions, feedback, comments :)



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