Being In A Wheelchair Sucks, But At Least The Parking Is Awesome

As you can tell by the title, I have a pretty good attitude about having a disability. My primary mode of transportation is Black Beauty, my wheelchair. Despite this obstacle, I believe in maintaining a positive attitude every single day for one simple reason. I almost died before I was even born. When my mom was pregnant with me, she and my father were visiting family in Atlanta, Georgia. The next day, they were planning to head back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, I had other plans. I guess I had Georgia on my mind. My mom had a Placenta Previa, which ruptured causing me to be without partial oxygen for five minutes or three hundred seconds, thus causing me to have cerebral palsy and changing the course of my life forever. My mom lost all but one pint of blood in her body and I was very sick. The doctors told my mom that if it had happened on the road, there was a ninety percent chance that she would have died and there was absolutely no way that I would have survived. Realizing that I had a near-death experience so early on, I feel especially blessed to be alive every day.

People ask me is it tough being in a wheelchair. I am not going to lie to you and say that it’s all butterflies and roses; it’s not. Some parts of it really suck. It sucks to not be perceived as “normal”. It sucks sitting in metal and plastic contraption. It sucks being sedentary. It sucks that I have to look at people in the stomach instead of looking them in the eye. It sucks that I feel like I am driving around in an oven on warm days because my wheelchair attracts heat.

That being said, I have learned to not let my limitations define me. My wheelchair is a part of my life. As I have grown older, I have learned to love what my wheelchair offers me. It gives me a mode of transportation to get to my favorite coffee shop every day. It gives me a permanent seat at the baseball games I love to attend. It gets me to my favorite restaurants. It gives me a unique perspective on life and the ability to motivate others through tough times.

I have a story to tell and would love to share it with the world. I would love to continue to serve as an inspiration to those around me and help them #dominatetheday no matter what obstacles are in their way. I would love to broaden my base and reach more people with my stories of triumph over adversity. Will you help me?