Top 5 Perks Of Dating A Guy In A Wheelchair

1. I’m easy to control all you have to do is unplug my battery. If you get mad at me it’s just as simple as unplugging the battery then I have to be nice to you. (But I will try my hardest not to ever make you mad at me).

2. You get great parking no matter where we go together. That handicapped parking placard is more powerful than the golden ticket that gets you into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

3. You get in front of the line of amusement park rides. No need to pay extra for the fast pass. All we have to do is go up the exit and we are right there. We get to ride the ride twice. I have ridden 18 rides in one day. That’s a record for sure.

4. If you get tired from walking all day you can just hop on the back of my wheelchair problem solved. I have foot pegs on my back wheels where you can stand and give your feet and legs a break and I can take you where you want to go.

5. If your tired of carrying your bags on a shopping trip you can just hang them on my wheelchair. I can basically be your pack mule. A few bags in my backpack a few bags hanging off each arm rest. A bag in lap and one hanging off my head rest. That’s like 6 bags you don’t have to carry and in my estimation that’s a win for you.

This list is written half serious half funny. I’m not expecting to get a girlfriend because of this list. I’m just trying to make people realize people with disabilities and especially in wheelchairs are capable of having meaningful relationships. We want meaningful relationships just as much as the next person. We are capable of loving just as much as the next person. We just need to be given the chance.