10 hot & powerful new songs today that are not on the Radio

Aug 16, 2016 · 4 min read

I really dig a good mix of music, from Indie Rock to Latin pop, Bollywood, EDM and R&B. Our good friends at the radio stations, however, tend to overplay the same Top 10 Billboard songs over & over again….

(looking at you Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” & you too, Justin Bieber’s “Cold Water”. I went from liking these songs to now stubbornly changing stations when I hear them. Tsk, tsk, Justins, look at what you’ve done! #areyouhappynow :P )

In the spirit of shaking things up, these are songs you haven’t heard yet on the Radio, but they deserve good air play time, ‘cuz they are THAT GOOD. Here are my Top 10 song picks for August, to amp your playlist — they’re diverse, fun, stirring & get me pumped, I’m sure they’ll get your Mojo fired up too!

1. KIDS | By One Republic

I cannot profess eneough love for One Republic. They’re one of my favorite bands (close tie with Imagine Dragons). Like millions, I became a One Republic convert since hearing “Apologize” & the equally fantastic “Stop & Stare”. I was fortunate to see them live in concert (they were also here in town for the Superbowl 50!) & they are AMAZING! You can tell the band is so passionate & cares so deeply about making good music, sharing & spreading good vibes & feels. This is a different sound for One Republic, it’s a catchy 80’s rock vibe! The 80s are totally in…(“Stranger Things” on Netflix, anyone? And Taylor Swift’s “1989” album?). Color me Mojo-fied! #songonrepeat


Outside Lands is a 3 day annual music festival in San Francisco, bringing in 50,000 people per day — and this was the band that stole the show this year. They sound a lot like Imagine Dragons, with more edge. Check out the funky go-Pro shot video. This song makes me want to bust out into air-guitar play mode…you know, like this:

3. LET IT GO | By James Bay

Soulful, poetic, nostalgic, deeply stirring, this is a classic for the ages. It’s a song about letting go…. of whatever it is that has outlasted it’s time & place — you know it needs to go from your life, but you can’t move on, because you’re just not ready. James Bay coaxes you to just try, try to let it go. #love

4. F** APOLOGIES | By Jojo

People, you can like Indie rock & pop at the same time! Don’t judge me harshly, Internet. I think Jojo is a super talented singer, remember her “Leave, Get out” song? She was only 14 when she released it!

5. NOT A CRIME (NO ES ILLEGAL) | By Play-N-Skillz and Daddy Yankee

I listen to it while on a run or in exercise mode, it’s booty shaking certified. But wouldn’t listen to it outside of workouts…

6. STATE OF MIND | By Satchmode

Another song with an 80s rock vibe! Really digging the beat.. #lit

7. CONTROLLA | By Drake

Ok, you probably have heard this on the Radio, but it’s not played too often. It’s smooth, flowy and R&B magic. Finally a Drake song I can get behind!

8. 3 EMPTY WORDS | By Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is a singer to watch for… even though it’s been a year since he released “Stitches”, that song never gets old! In this new acoustic single, as always, he sings with so much passion & feeling.

9. HEATHENS | By Twenty One Pilots, Suicide Squad Soundtrack

Suicide Squad might have gotten terrible reviews as a movie, but it has a pretty eclectic soundtrack. It was hard to choose between “Sucker for Pain” by Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons vs. this song…. I’m choosing this song, because of the unique combo of electronic, punk rock & grunge + its super haunting & addictive melody.

10. GOLD | By Kiiara

Ready for the pun of the day?? This song is GOLD. hahaha

What did I miss? What recent songs have gotten you pumped, I want to hear about it below!

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