Baked Yam With Herbs & Spices

Looking for something easy to make & healthy and filling to eat?

I hear you. We’ve all had days where you’re too tired to eat, let alone figure what to eat!

This super easy to make and nutritious Baked Yam is my take on the classic Baked Potato. It makes for an easy lunch, light dinner or even works as a side dish. When roasting the Yams, you’ll see them ooze and glisten, just before the skin scrunches up and gets all crispy. With herbs and butter, your house is guaranteed to smell of buttery, herby aroma deliciousness…can we say hello, #FlavorMojo!

Here’s my take on Baked Yam with Herbs, hope you enjoy it!

Originally published at Dude, Where’s My MoJyo?.