Aug 11, 2015 · 5 min read

You’re probably reading this right now and going ‘What on Earth is this blog about?’

Well, it’s about finding your Mojo of course :)


What the heck is Mojo?? Yes, its something our buddy Austin Powers rhapsodized about in the ‘Spy Who Shagged Me’, but its more than just a catchy word.

Swag. Swagger. Chutzpah. Magic. Confidence. Inspiration.

Mojo is some of these things and a lot more. I’d love to tell you what it means to me, how the idea of this blog came about and what it means for you.


Mojo, to me is about your Inner Shine. It’s about finding your inspiration, what moves you, wakes you up and leaves you charged as you go through the day. It’s what helps pick you up in inelegant circumstances and what makes you want to be a better person. You can call it Attitude, Passion or even Inspiration — at its core, Mojo is about connecting with yourself and shining through.

I get it might sound like Hippie talk or worse yet, like I just ate a bunch of mushrooms. But hear me out, will ya?

Wait…Am I a Hipster or Hippie? My head hurts.

Too often, we get caught up in the daily rat race & acting out our invisible scripted parts to a routine play. We all have an Inner Shine, a passion, talents, hobbies, call it what you may — that ground us, connect us and make us content the way a few things do. Some of us have yet to discover these gifts, that give us such happiness, direction & fulfillment.

For a few of us, these might be lost hobbies from childhood. For others, it might be things attempted once or twice that have now become a lifelong passion. Or maybe you’re like this person, your whole life has been preparing you for this moment: becoming a world-class speed-eating champion at the International Hot Dog eating contest. YES, IT’S A REAL THING!

Just look at the intensity & fierce determination on the dude’s face while scarfing down ‘dem wieners. Imagine the grueling hours of training & sheer athleticism. The countless hours of acidity & heartburn, and the will to push through. The commitment. The focus to not give up. That’s what happens when you’ve found your Mojo.


…AND HIS TRAINING SECRET. Industrial-size antacid, what would this world be without you? #peptolove


I started this blog, in an effort to find my Mojo. Or in my case, MoJyo (Hi, I’m Jyo, btw, nice to meet you!).

It’s also a forum to hear from you on what floats your Mojo boat. What are some things you’ve always wanted to try, but never seem to get around to? What is the thing that moves you, connects you & makes you smile like these guys?

Let’s do that again!!


Things that light my Mojo are:

1. Sharing great food with my friends & family

Food has a way of bringing people together & spurring great memories. Check out Food for tried + tested, delectable finds to get your Mojo rolling. Yes food has me feeling all kinds of things.

2. Music

There is something awesomely universal about a great song — whether a catchy beat you can’t ignore or a haunting melody you can’t forget. My love of music led me to play the piano by ear. I can’t read the notes for the life of me, but at some point, I’ll share my random hammerings here! Check out concerts, top music picks & cool Youtube covers under Music

3. Travel (NEW)

It’s such a big, beautiful world out there! Check out travel stories, guides & lists to find Mojo while exploring different cultures & countries through Travel

4. Laughing over the Silly Stuff & Finding Inspiration

10 Things is a series of Mojo-inducing random but fun topics: discover 36 questions to make you fall in love, or read about 25 inspiring women who rock the Mojo game or if you’re like me, and have ever wondered things like why Adam & Eve have bellybuttons if they were the first man & woman?…well, you just might get a kick out of ’15 shower thoughts’ to make your head spin…

5. Sharing Adventures

What happens if you give yourself 100 days to try something new? 100 days of committing to give something that piques you — your time, attention & your all. What could happen then? Check out 100 Day Challenge to find out. My most recent challenges were the Nike SF Half Marathon..MY FIRST EVER!! (I hated running before this & refuse to break it off with Nutella or cupcakes) & a 15 Hour Hiking Challenge to Trolltunga.

As I share my journey with you, I want to hear your stories of things you’re trying & doing to discover your Mojo — be it through food, music, travel, 100 day challenges. What are the things you love to do or something you’ve always wanted to do? Let’s eat, travel, adventure on & make it happen.

Let’s go find that Mojo.

photo credit: Weird Look Paul via photopin (license)
photo credit: Joy via photopin (license)
photo credit: Rio smiling via photopin (license)

Originally published at Dude, Where’s My MoJyo?.


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Author Jyo's got 1 burning question: Dude, Where's my MoJyo? Full-time goofball on a Mojo hunt for food, travel & adventures to inspire you to create your own.

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