Lindsey Stirling astounds with a powerful violin dub step video

Dec 17, 2015 · 2 min read

Original music compositions are incredible, especially when given the Youtube treatment.

There’s crafting the melody & bringing it to life on an instrument with rythmn, tone & all that good stuff. But when it’s a Youtube video, there’s also choreography, cinematography & so many other visual story telling elements that come to play. Simply put, it’s art! Because it stirs you & compels you.

Lindsey Stirling, is a phenomenon. She’s flipping amazing, because of her unique flair in bringing together classical violin & hip-hop, dub-step, EDM, with intricate choreography. It’s not only a treat to listen to her, but to watch her performance as well. Color me Mojo-fied!

“Crystallize” has over 136 million views. There’s so many mind blowing things about this video:

I can do Yoga AND play the violin!

Look at the super cool ice palace! It’s even cooler (yes, pun intended) that she’s got her violin there. I kinda have the urge to go see the Northern Lights after viewing this video. And have some hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Wow, those are some amazing ice-resistant shoes! ‘Cuz when Lindsey pirouettes & does ballet, she never falls!

I can play hop-scotch AND play the violin! You are awesome, woman. I’m so not coordinated.

This is me when I pirouette or ballet…..or somedays, when I just straight up walk.

How bad-ass is that dub-step & violin mix! If you liked this song, check out some of her other performances, here’s one my favorites, a fantastic collaboration of “Radioactive” with the brilliant band Pentatonix.

Happy Mojo finding!

photo credit: 0007-_JDL8894 via photopin (license)

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